Die "Thrones" ist die neueste Rolle von Bullzen Japan!
Die erste Rolle von Bullzen mit Messinggetriebe, korrisionsfest und nahezu unkaputtbar.

- Dual Propulsion Anti-Twist Une Rolle

- Stainless Steel Main Shaft & Main Gear Shaft

- Precision Geer Module For Ultra Smooth Feeling

- CNC High Tensile Brass Geer with Stainless Steel Geer Shaft Equipped

- Exchangeable Direct Drive Machined Aluminium CNC Bar Handle & Screw Cop

- Saltwater Coated Resistance On Aluminium Hardened Aluminium Body & Rotor

- Equipped with Infinite Anti-Reverse Bearing (Saltwater Grade)

- Design for Saltwater Fishing such as Jigging, Popping end Baitfishing